WE CARE is a high-participation sing-along, clap-along assembly concert
featuring original songs that are personalized for your school and focus
on caring, kindness, respect, friendship, school pride and no bullying.
Each and every song in the We Care assembly is personalized with the name of your school
sung over and over throughout the show. This greatly increases the assembly's effectiveness
as the important messages in the songs become more real to students when they hear them
associated with their very own school!
Presented by former teacher and longtime professional singer,
songwriter, Jim McCarthy,
WE CARE is a great way to inspire and
motivate your students through the excitement and power of music!
Contact Jim McCarthy
Phone: 315-676-9227
“I just wanted to say
thank you for
a wonderful
The students and
teachers enjoyed
it tremendously."

"We were thrilled to
see the children so
enthusiastic and
willing to articipate."

"Our students
enjoyed your
performance while
they learned
important positive
values.  I hope
that we will be able
to bring you back for
repeat performances
in the future."

-K-5 Principal   
"Thank you for the
fine concert. Your
songs will help us in
our efforts to
increase 'acts of
kindness' in our

-K-5 Principal
Now available: We Care CD.
Featuring 10 songs of good character,
5 of which will be specially recorded and
personalized with your school's name!
The cost is just $20 plus $1 shipping.
Note: When ordering please send me an email telling me the name
of your school so that I can include it in the 5 personalized songs.